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Blundee is an app for discovering places to eat. With them you can find the best place with the best offers.


The team at Blundee believes that dining out is about more than food: it’s about togetherness, discovery, lasting experiences, connection and relaxation. Through the platform, you can browse menus, discover exclusive offers for Blundee users only and place takeaway orders. They’re working to make your dining adventure even better by creating a harmony between personalisation and digitalisation.


We worked to develop a brand identity that gives off inviting, personal feeling. Our work focused on shifting the experience of using technology for eating out as appealing as the menu.

The use of the app is partly centred around QR codes, the visuality of which is integrated into the visual identity.  The vibrancy and modernity of the pattern and design elements symbolise a new era of dining.

The brand’s aim is to create personality in digitalisation and to communicate this, the identity is characterised by warm colours and simple, rounded shapes.