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Redivivum is an option to reduce the environmental effects of fast fashion.


Redivivum Technology started out as a university project and turned into a real potential for an ambitious team to participate in this revolutionary phase of the fashion & textiles industry. Their long-term vision is to bring the smart automation that has already revolutionised many operational tasks across different industrial segments, and now it is time for the textiles sector.

Our task was to show the workflow of Redivivum through an informative animated video.


First of all we received the logo and the script of the project. Based on them we built a ‘mini’ brand identity to be able to design the visual world of the movie. The next step was the storyboard where it was important to not necessarily illustrate the words of the text, but to help to make the information as clear and accessible as possible for the audience. So we suggested visual solutions such as shooting a basketball at the right target. In this way the movie could become not just more understandable but also playful and attention-grabbing, while it informs people about important innovations.

Watch full project here